KAHN Power Upgrade (Only Available for 2.2 TD and 2.4 TD Models)

With simple plug-and-play operation, a Kahn Power Upgrade unit is the most effective upgrade for modern turbo-charged engines.

Offering remapped performance in the form of enhanced power, smoother delivery and improved fuel economy, Kahn Power Upgrade allows you to release the full power and potential of your vehicle by simply plugging the unit directly into the engine.

The hardware integrates directly with original equipment connection points, enabling easy fitting in minutes, and ensuring the unit can be removed at any time. In addition, once the unit is removed, your vehicle reverts back to the original factory settings and engine performance levels. Furthermore, the Power Upgrade Unit is programmed to prevent your engine reaching excessive limits – thus allowing the engine to release more power without compromising longevity. A one year warranty is available as standard for your peace of mind.

All systems arrive to you carefully packed, complete with everything you will need for simple and straightforward installation. This includes full instructions and the wiring harness appropriate to your vehicle.

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Additional Information

Factory Power (PS) Kahn Power (PS) Factory Torque Kahn Torque
Land Rover Defender 2.2 TD 122 143 360 417
Land Rover Defender 2.4 TD 122 142 380 444

Power Increase : Up to 19%
Processor : IDS (Intelligent Dual-Speed) processor
Map Editing : 32 Mio.
Sensors : Mono sensor system
Result of Installed Technical Parameters : Enhanced power output
Heat Protection : Yes
Compatibility : Diesel particulate filter compatibility (turbo engines)
Warranty : 1 Year
Fuel Consumption : ECO fuel optimisation programme
Connector System : Automotive OEM housing connector
Harness : OEM harness material
System Installation : Plug and play installation
System Removal : Unplugging returns engine to factory state
Temperature Resistance : -35C to 135C


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